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It saddens me that since December 28th, there have been over 2,000 earthquakes surrounding my hometown Yauco, Puerto Rico and nearby municipalities. This is unprecedented since even growing up on the island, I don’t ever remember experiencing one. In our history, the last earthquake to rattle the island was on October 11, 1918 and we haven’t really had a major one since. Now, it has been just a few weeks and the amount of activity is staggering! Anyone I’ve ever known is in Yauco, Guánica, Guayanilla and other towns. Many of my childhood friends are sleeping outside of their homes over fear of another quake happening and their homes collapsing.

I come to you to ask for your help by donating to our GoFundMe https://www.gofundme.com/f/earthquake-relief-puerto-rico

We will work tirelessly to bring some of the same type of supplies to the south west part of the island where our main focus has been since the inception of Stardust Foundation. Thank you for reading and hope you will join us help these families in need, including my own.

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Melissa Otero

International pop / Latin pop recording artist and founder of Stardust Foundation.

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